CaDIS Dataset

CaDIS: a Cataract Dataset for Image Segmentation, is a dataset for semantic image segmentation created by Digital Surgery Ltd. on top of the CATARACTS dataset. CaDIS consists of 4738 images from the 25 videos on CATARACTS' training set annotated semantically to the finest detail. Each pixel in each image is labeled with its respective instrument or anatomical class from a set of 36 identified classes. More details about the dataset could be found in the paper (

Who is Digital Surgery?

Digital Surgery is a health tech company, based in London, UK, shaping the future of surgery through the convergence of surgical expertise and technology. The Innovation team is working on bridging the gap between Artificial intelligence and the OR.

Why are we releasing CaDIS to public?

We believe releasing a semantic dataset will encourage the computer vision community to push surgical research further.


The dataset consists of 4738 images in total. The dataset was split in the following way:

  • The validation set used in the paper are the images from videos 5, 7, and 16 (542 images in total)
  • The testing set used in the paper are the images from videos 2,12, and 19 (614 images in total)
  • The training set used in the paper are the images from the remaining videos( 3582 images in total)

CaDIS class table: The number preceding the class is the ID of the class used in our experiments. In the case where there are two numbers preceding the class name, the first number represents the tool ID while the second number represents the respective tool’s handle ID. We labeled the tool’s tip separately than the shaft to be able to possibly study the isolation of tool handles from the dataset as they have no surgical value. More details can be found in the Appendix section of thee CaDIS paper. To download the data, please visit the Download page

Tools and HandlesAnatomyMisc.
8. Hydrodissection Cannula0. Pupil1. Surgical Tape
9. Viscoelastic Cannula4. Iris2. Hand
10,23. Capsulorhexis Forceps5. Eyelid3. Eye Retractors
11,21. Rycroft Cannula6. Skin
12. Bonn Forceps7. Cornea
13,31. Primary Incision Knife

14,22. Phacoemulsification Handpiece

15,25. Lens Injector

16.19, A/I Handpiece

17,24. Secondary Incision Knife

18. Micromanipulator

20. Capsulorhexis Forceps

26. Water Sprayer

27. Suture Needle

28. Needle Holder

29. Charleux Cannula

30. Vannas Scissors

32. Vitrectomy Handpiece

33. Mendez Ring

34. Biomarker

35. Marker

                                                    (a)                                                                                                        (b)                                    

Box-plot (a) shows the class instance distribution over the videos in CaDIS from CATARACTS.
Histogram (b) shows the amount of videos each class was present with at least once instance in CaDIS.